What’s On?

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

En utställning med 10 unga konstnärer som behandlar frågor om queer kärlek, psykisk hälsa, könsidentitet och rasism och tar avstamp i konstnärernas egna erfarenheter som…

Att vara stark!

Välkommen till en workshop där vi inspireras av X-ets bilder av Starke Ville och sedan skapar egna starka bilder med kol.

We want to inspire everyone to approach the many expressions of contemporary art through various forms of participations, meetings and collaborations. In the program you will find exhibitions, workshops, screenings, conversations, art in the public space, or art in a book form through Labyrint, our archive with artists’ books.


In the studio, pre-schools and schools in the municipality, are invited to explore materials, techniques and ideas together with our art educators. During weekends and holidays, there are also open creative workshops for children and youths. 

Botkyrka konsthall applies free admission, and everyone is welcome.