18 May – 14 September 2019 

“From Here” weaves together stories about a place; about being on your way to or from, about leaving and coming back. It sets out new paths and creates spaces for communities and imaginations.

Participating artists: Emma Dominguez, Ricard
Estay, Juanma González, Rudy Loewe and They Are Here.

The exhibition takes the place as its point of departure and present works that are relating to, or engaging with the locality it in different ways. During the exhibition period, there will be a series of programmes highlighting themes and questions explored in the artists’ work. There will also be a number of collective walks that will take us around northern Botkyrka.

Grand opening

Botkyrka konsthall opens the new art space in Fittja with the exhibition “From Here” and together with the Fittja Library, we invite you to a grand opening and block party on Saturday 18 May at 12-17.

RICARD ESTAY – “En gång i betongen” 2019
EMMA DOMINGUEZ – “Exil” 2018 (photo from the shortfilm)

Emma Dominguez is an artist and an activist. In her artistic practice, she often questions power structures and hierarchies that permeate our common spaces, highlighting issues on who is being seen and heard. A recurring theme is dealing with the suburb where she grew up, and the right to claim one’s own narrative and nuance the stories from ‘within’. Emma is in her final BFA year at Konstfack where she studies fine art. She recently transformed her “solo” exhibition to a collective take-over together with 25 other artists, presenting “The Sea – a collective exhibition” at Konstfack’s space “The White Sea” (Vita Havet).  

Ricard Estay is a photographer, artist and writer who grew up in Fittja, Botkyrka. He is using visual storytelling and razor-sharp poetry to create complex portraits of the place where he grew up. He has previously released the books “Livet är en Fittja” (Life is a Fittja) from 2011 and “Boken” (The Book) from 2015, and moves between fiction, memories and critical depictions of a segregated city. In his latest photo and text based project “En gång i betongen” (Once Upon a Time in the Outskirts), the perspective is presented from within a place that is rarely given its own voice. The work is shown as a photographic installation as well as released through an artist book.  

Juanma González is an artist from Madrid, currently based in northern Botkyrka. His body of work focuses on the walking practice as a method for an aesthetical and psychogeographical exploration of the surrounding, researching the many layers of social, political and historical values. Previous projects include pilgrimage walks on the island of Gotland and S:t Olavsleden connecting Sweden and Norway, as well as other urban wanderings focusing on the collective experience that forms new communities. In his upcoming project, people are invited to join in a series of new walking routes throughout northern Botkyrka. Juanma graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in 2016. 

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist working with drawing, painting and printmaking. Rudy recently graduated with a Masters in Visual Communication from Konstfack, Stockholm. They have worked with institutions such as Tate, Wellcome Trust and Nottingham Contemporary and a wide range of non-institutional spaces. Rudy has collaborated as part of Collective Creativity in the UK – a group of artists focused on creating dialogue around queer artists of colour and black arts history. In Stockholm, Rudy has collaborated as part of Brown Island, a collective inside and outside of Konstfack, formed of people of colour. 


They Are Here (formed in 2006) is a collaborative practice steered by Helen Walker & Harun Morrison. They are currently based in London and on the River Lea. Their work can be read as a series of context specific games. The entry, invitation or participation can be as significant as the game’s conditions and structure. Through these games, they seek to create ephemeral systems and temporary, micro-communities that offer an alternate means of engaging with a situation, history or ideology. In parallel, they initiate open-ended multi-year projects that become generative spaces for further works. These can manifest as performances, publications, videos, soundworks, informal gatherings, meals and discussions.  

Botkyrka konsthall creates a space for a living archive where stories, artworks and documentations from a long history come together with new projects and activities. The archive has been designed in collaboration with artist and designer Kamen Zlatev. 
Together with curator Abir Boukhari, we are re-visiting art projects and works that have emerged through the programme of Residence Botkyrka in Fittja throughout the years. The residence program at Krögarvägen 26, where artists have lived and worked since 2010. 
Labyrint, a space for artists books, was initiated in 2006 and has since then grown into a unique collection. The archive has been adapted to the new space in collaboration with artist and co-founder Pia Sandström. During the exhibition From here, there will be a release of the photographic artist’s book Once upon a time in the outskirts by artist and photographer Ricard Estay. 
The Fittja kitchen has now moved out of the art containers in the public space and into entrance in the new art space. Here, we continue to experiment with food and art projects. The exhibition From Here ends with a finissage and the yearly art festival Fittja Food & Art on Saturday 14 September. 
Botkyrka konsthall and the Fittja Library have collaborated with architect Tor Lindstrand for the interior design of the new space.

In Botkyrka, people speak almost 100 languages and have a background in more than 160 countries. With the help from our local networks, friends and colleagues, we have translated the phrase “From Here” to the languages: Greek, Assyrian, Hebrew, Turkish, Polish, Northern Kurdish/Kurmanji, Luganda, Uzbek, Bengali, Somali, Spanish, Bosnian/Croatian, Japanese, English, Arabic, Russian, Tadjik, Thai, Filipino/Tagalog, Persian, Italian, Amharic, South Sami.  

 The Graphic design “Härifrån by Agnes Florin. Botkyrka konsthall has launched a new graphic profile and website designed by Sepidar Hosseini & Agnes Florin