Public art is art that is located within public premises or outdoors in the public space, and thus can be seen and experienced by everyone. 

In the map (below) you can explore public artworks around the municipality. Click on the artwork, and you will find detailed information on the artist, the work and the address where it can be seen. 

Botkyrka konsthall is constantly advancing the work connected to 1% commissions and public artworks, working with artists within the programme of Residence Botkyrka, connecting it to research as well as grassroots initiatives.  

Some of the artworks that are located within schools or elderly homes, may be difficult to access by everyone. The map is continuously being updated. 

Alby City
Circles of light
Djur i natur
En röd
En Sjöglimt
Fönster Mönster Djur & Natur
Första generationen
Fragment av en berättelse
Genom tittglasen
Jag var här! 
Lördag hela veckan
Lust till att läsa
Mellan himmel och jord
Minns du körsbärsträden?, Ön
Monument över förorten
Play Time
Resan mot månens baksida
Samtalet som utsmyckning
Seen from above (after Smithson)
Skattebondens skatter
Skogen där inne
Stages of Transformation
Stuffed City 
Tankens sport
The Return
Ugglegänget, Den gråtande elefanten, Stubben
Urbana Scener 
Utan titel
Utan titel / Hemma
Vandrande ö I

The One Percent Rule is financing a large part of the public art in the municipality. The recommendation is that 1% of the total building cost in connection with new and redevelopments, are allocated to public art commissions. Botkyrka municipality has applied the One Percent Rule since the seventies. 

In recent years, a boom of constructions and redevelopments has resulted in an impressive collection of public artworks throughout Botkyrka. Today, the rule also include the renewal of public streets and parks, as opposed to only buildings. 

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