2020 opened my eyes

2020 was the year that My eyes opened and saw the world. This pic affects me because since covid19 came to this world everything changed. This man is looking into the mirror and he sees himself covering up. That’s exactly how I feelt about 2020. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing that this is the future me with online classes, no travelling, no fresh air, Black lives matter demonstration and alot more. Am standing in front of the mirror and thinking about this is the future in this world in our black community. In 2020 a lot of black people will be thinking and worrying about everything when they’re going out in society, What will people do? What will happen if the police find me? That’s how 2020 Affected me to think and do the right thing. We black people have to cover us up, exactly what covid19 made you to cover your face, and I bet you don’t like it, that’s exactly how we black people feel we want freedom, Fresh air. I want the black people to be free just exactly how you want to be free from the covid19.

To be clear covid19 was affecting me most in this 2020 in different ways. And it taught me nothing is impossible. And it was kinda tough for not being able to see people, go out or go to school. I miss the joyness and my friends,I think that in the future we will still wear masks and cover us up not only because of corona but also because of all the other diseases.

Av: Kaddy Jeng, 19 år